Rilis Linux Trisquel 7.0

Trisquel 7.0

trisquel 7

The latest stable release of Trisquel, an Ubuntu-based distribution endorsed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), arrived in the middle of November — and was met by a lot of interest.

The free (as in freedom) distribution is built on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but ships without any of the proprietary bits and pieces. It’s a “pure” Linux experience that may require some workarounds, but serves to flag up the areas where more attention is needed in FOSS hardware support and app alternatives.

The Libre Linux 3.13 Kernel, GNOME 3.12 ‘Flashback’ desktop and the Firefox-based Abrowser 33 are among the changes to be found in Trisquel 7.

Download: http://repo.unnes.ac.id/iso/trisquel/

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